The Emotions Behind Property Law Decisions

“I might cry” is a phrase my clients sometimes say during our initial client consultations. Emotions are expected and encouraged in my workplace. Land ownership in West Virginia is often tied to the rules of inheritance. Inheritance means talking about the death of family members. Death is a painful, messy business. Just like there are kind neighbors who bring turkey casseroles after a death in the family, sometimes wild turkey casseroles are made from my rural town, there are kind lawyers, and accountants and title examiners. Find professionals who will let you cry easily on the phone. Trust your emotions. Good decisions are made with the heart, as well as the head. One of the best things you can do to honor the dead, is to make active and thoughtful decisions about land ownership rights for future generations. Best wishes in your healing journey.



Abigail Benjamin

Abigail is a 40 year old artist from West Virginia. She writes at