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 Abigail protects

the homes & land
of West Virginia.


Abigail's creative problem-solving skills

her talent for community building help protect her West Virginia home.


Abigail Benjamin is a West Virginian lawyer with a specialized practice in Real Estate Law, Energy Law, and Environmental Law. With her warm smile and her flat client fees, Abigail is a lawyer you'll love to visit.

Abigail helps property owners protect their land. 

You want to keep family land in the family. You want to buy hunting land for your kids. A pipeline company has injured your road and doesn't respond to your polite phone calls. Don't let problems with property rob you of precious sleep. Abigail gets your challenging tasks finished quickly, so you can move forward with confidence.

Abigail's intelligence & kindness is the real deal.

A native of Buckhannon, West Virginia, Abigail graduated with honors from both the University of Wisconsin Law School in 2000 and Smith College in 1997.  In October 2016, she won a concession from major state utility in a 30 million dollar natural gas pipeline permit case. Abigail has been a featured speaker on Mid-Mornings with Hannah on WRNR, the Red Hot Coach on WRNR, and the University of Wisconsin Law School. "The Journal" and "WHAG TV" recognize her as a legal expert. Abigail lives in Buckhannon, WV with her husband Jon and their seven children.  

Photography by Claire Watson Photography
Committed to serving the community and advocating for justice. Dedicated, principled, and always fighting for a brighter future!
— Patti Murphy Dohn
Pleasant disposition and a willingness to tackle difficult problems.
— Marc Cardosi
I need a lawyer!
— Verdell Boyd, the quote that started my firm
She’s like Katniss, only less depressed!
— Hannah Benjamin, daughter